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Our products

         Specialists Group of Companies "Brandis" constantly studying products and suppliers in the field of fire safety, improve our own production, selecting the best to their customers.

      The whole range of products undergo strict quality control, certified,corresponds to GOST and TU.

        More than 3,500 kinds of products:

  • fire extinguishers;
  • fire boards, cabinets, boxes of sand;
  • fire hoses and fittings;
  • means and automatic fire protection;
  • flame retardants;
  • fire doors, hatches, doors, blinds, curtains;
  • emergency equipment;
  • posters, literature, safety signs, svetoukazateli and other equipment;


         Call 8 (4012) 77-77-00 and our experts will advise you and help you choose products that are guaranteed to provide fire safety at your facility.