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Fire extinguishers - the primary means of extinguishing a perfect assistant in the first minutes of the fire before the arrival of professional firefighters, so that all industrial and domestic buildings should be equipped with fire extinguishers of the appropriate class.



Fire extinguishers are distinguished by the method of response:

  • Automatic (normally automatic) - usually permanently installed in areas of potential risk of fire;
  • manual (driven by a man) - located on a specially decorated booths;
  • universal (combined action) - combines the advantages of both types described above.

Fire extinguishers are distinguished on the basis of the impact on the hearth fire:

  • gas (carbon dioxide),
  • foam (chemical, chemical foam-air, air-foam, air-emulsion),
  • powder,
  • water.

In terms of housing:

  • portable midget with a mass of extinguishing agent to 4 kg;
  • Industrial portable extinguisher weight of 4 kg;
  • fixed and portable fire extinguishing agent with a mass of 8 kg.

As a method of supplying extinguishing agent:

  • pressurized gases produced by a chemical reaction of the components of the charge;
  • pressurized gases supplied from a special canister placed in (on) a fire extinguisher cabinet;
  • pressurized gases previously uploaded into the body of the extinguisher;
    under its own pressure extinguishing agent.

By type starters:

  • with valve gate;
  • with a shut-off lever-type starter;
  • with the launch of an additional source of pressure.

Fire extinguishers are marked by letters characterizing the type and class of fire extinguisher and numbers denoting the mass of which is in it, the fire extinguishing agent.

Advertising explosive fire extinguisher "Pozharogaz" created NB Sheftalem at the end of the XIX century:

Р…к«ама в§рывн®г® ®гн…’“ш€’…«я П®жар®га§, ‘®§данн®г® Н. Б. Ш…”’а«…м