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           Fire hoses, pressure hoses, designed to transport fire extinguishing agents pressurized, supplied bedroll 20 (2) m. The sleeves are linen, lateksirovannye (with internal moisture barrier) and brand Armteks (with double-sided coated).

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Fire Hose Armteks

Fire hoses "Armteks"

Armteks - pressure fire hose with double-sided coated. At the request completed hand barrels. Sleeve type ARMTEKS have bilateral polymer coating, whereby they are durable and resistant to abrasion. Lifetime data for 10 years. The sleeves are long time retain good presentation, available in diameters from 25 mm to 66 mm. ARMTEKS sleeves are made of red, light brown, blue. The advantage of these arms is their oil-resistant.

Fire Hose Universal

pressure hose for fire hydrants and portable engine driven pumps "Universal"

Excellent appearance and low price allows the use of "Universal" for completing cabinets internal fire hydrants in residential buildings, children and health facilities, offices, banks, etc. Working pressure up to 1.0 MPa.

Fire Hose Standart

Fire hoses "Standard"

The operating pressure up to 1.6 MPa. Designed for mobile fire fighting equipment and water pumps. Resistant to low temperatures down to -55 degrees Celsius. Diameter: 51, 66, 77 mm.

Latexed sleeve

Fire hose lateksirovanny PC 1.6 MPa

Designed for mobile fire fighting equipment for supplying water and aqueous foam at a distance under pressure in the range of operating temperatures from -40 to +45 degrees Celsius in temperate areas.

Fire hose suction

Fire hose "suction"

Fire hoses Suction have a rigid structure with a textile carcass. Designed to supply water from the water source to the fire pump. The length of the suction hose is 4 m. All hoses are operated at ambient temperatures from -40 to +400 C.

Fire hose "Sibteks"

Fire hoses "Sibteks" intended for acquisition of portable water pumps and fire hydrants. Working pressure up to 1.0 MPa.

Fire Hose "Geteks"

intended for water and aqueous solutions with an aqueous pH of from 7 to 10 at a distance under pressure. Used in industrial and domestic sphere.