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Fire escapes

According to the functional characteristics of the stairs are divided into:

  • Fire.Pozharnye exterior stairs, designed to provide fire-fighting and rescue operations are divided:
    • by type:
      • P1 - vertical ladder;
        • P1-1 - without fences (height up to 6 m)
        • P1-2 - with fencing (height more than 6 m)
      • n2 FLOATING with a slope of not more than 6: 1
    • on the fence:
      • MH - for staircases
      • PN - for landings
      • VN - for vertical ladders
      • KO for roof parapet without
      • KP -f or roofs with parapet
    • on deck:
      • * • solid of corrugated steel
      • lattice, performances:
        • gJr of forged elements
        • P of the bands on the edge and round steel
        • C of the bands on the edge in one direction
        • B of the expanded metal steel.

  • Hand fire escapes
    • Staircase-ground attack- manual fire staircase, designed to lift personnel fire and rescue units on all floors of buildings, floors. Is part of the fire-technical arms fire engine. Used in fire and rescue units and subdivisions of civil defense centers to combat fire and rescue works at heights, lifting on floors of buildings through the window.
    • Staircase-stick- metal fire escape, for use by the fire and rescue brigades and civil defense units to fight the seat of the fire and rescue works for lifting fighters and their weapons at the level of the ladder height and others.