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          Fireman wear (BOP) is designed to protect his body from dangerous and harmful environmental factors arising from the fire-fighting and related priority rescue operations, as well as from adverse climatic influences. Fighting clothing is the main and the most popular on the applicability of personal protective equipment firefighters. She used to put out any fires all categories of employees (gazodymozaschitnik, kolonschik, the driver of a vehicle fire, and others.).

           By the end of the 80s BOP is made only of canvas or material with polymeric film coatings (Viniliskozha Retardant). It was a jacket and trousers straight cut flat design or raincoat for the commanding staff.

          But by that time it became clear that due to the diversity and complexity of tactical tasks associated with putting out fires at various sites of the national economy, it is necessary for various types of combat clothing, which would differ according to the materials used and its design and hence for their performance. For example, can not be used for military equipment gazodymozaschitnika clothes of vinyl artificial leather because of its low thermal stability (up to 200 ° C). But given the high stability of the BOP to oil, acids, alkalis and can be used as the basis for the manufacture of overalls fire truck driver.

          Practice fire fighting combat reaffirmed the need for classification of clothing, especially domestic and foreign firms are offered a wide range of protective materials (terlon, CBM ARMOS, Nomex) suitable for izgovleniya BOP various purposes.