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Fire barriers

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         Fire doorsserve as a barrier to the spread of fire in the room. Steel doors localize the fire. From conventional fire doors (metal) door is different in that they are able to hold fire and heat flow for a long time, which is determined by the fire resistance index.

        Fire doors are separated by type of material on:

  • metal;
  • wood;
  • translucent;

       Fire doorsare needed in areas where there is machinery or equipment that operate continuously in large industrial buildings, homes, where in addition to the apartments, there are non-residential premises.

  • Rooms with flammable production;
  • Cable tunnels for partitioning;
  • elektroshchitovogo and substation integrated in buildings and structures;
  • The ventilation chamber;
  • Premises pumping stations, central and local heating stations, built-in buildings and structures; Machinery space elevators;
  • storage for flammable materials;
  • Mines, niches and channels for telecommunications;
  • The outputs of the elevator lobbies on landings;
  • The outputs of the staircases to the attic or roof of buildings and structures;
  • Premises chutes;
  • Technical room basement and ground floors;
  • The evacuation exits from the floor corridors to stairwells.

       Luke fire metal

       The main difference between fire hatch door are the overall size and its installation location. Due to the high border fire fire hatch became indispensable in proemnyh places that have an acute need for construction of a fire barrier. If the size of the openings do not allow to install fire doors, fire is used to hatch. Hatches are most often installed in rooms with high requirements for fire safety, ie in areas with a high probability of spontaneous combustion. Often such places are ventilation chambers and elevator shafts, switchboard rooms and a variety of communication channels and outputs, leading to the attic, the basement, in the room with flammable compounds and materials.

         Construction Translucent fire,EI 60 (windows, doors, walls, partitions, glass)

         Curtains and smoke and fire

         Smoke control curtainis designed to separate the bulk of premises to smoke zones (compartments) without building walls.

         curtains (curtain)  EI 120 are designed to fill openings in fire barriers in the separation of buildings and structures (buildings) on the fire compartments in order to prevent the spread of fire and combustion products.

          Fire doors-  a type of special gates, which in addition to its normal function - protecting the premises and adjacent territory from tampering and unauthorized access and provide more protection during a fire. Scope of fire protection gates can be manufacturing plants, warehouses, commercial premises, etc., where you need higher security during the fire and where there is a need to separate the territory into several sections. By type of opening such fire doors can be sliding (sliding)or swing.The choice depends on the gate where they will be installed, and the choice of the owner.