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Equipment for life support during evacuation

            Our company always sell the necessary protection required in case of fire. They may be the only chance that will be saved in fire, so do not skimp on their purchase.

Chance"-Е with hal-fmask"                 Chance"-Е with quota-mask

           Filter self-rescuer "Chance" -E with half mask - half mask covers the nose, mouth and chin, preferably for children from 12 years.

         & nbsp ;   The filter self-rescuer "Chance" -E with chetvertmaskoy - chetvertmaska covers the nose and mouth and allows the use of self-rescuer children from 7 years.

           Self-rescuer "Chance" -E developed based on the latest technology, research and a variety of tests conducted in the field of protection and rescue in a fire. "Chance" -E combines the reliability, quality, and not least the best price! For some indicators "Chance" -E surpasses analogues. Directly during emergencies repeatedly saved the lives and health of people.

           "Chance" -E shows the best quality self-rescuer. Bright warning coloration hood ensures that, in the smoke and panic, the man would be easier to detect. The material from which made the "Chance" -E - a heat-resistant PVC, which is not will tear and will not be damaged during the evacuation as a polyimide film. Filter system consisting of two filters ensures the highest protective properties of hazardous chemicals: chlorine, ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, etc. In the face of the self-rescuer has an internal elastic self-regulating system attachment to the human person, which simplifies and reduces the chance of putting mismanagement. Relatively low weight - less than 650 grams. reduces the dynamic load on the head.

            The self-rescuer filter "Chance" -E available in two versions with a half-mask and chetvertmaskoy. According to its protective product specifications do not differ from each other, these modifications are associated primarily with providing easy operation. Chetvertmaska different from the half-mask for its size, it covers the nose and mouth, half mask, nose and chin.

            In the self-rescuer "Chance" -E are no hard uncomfortable straps headband, which can complicate the use during an emergency. There are self-adjusting straps that allow you to quickly use the self-rescuer. Also, no design metals and alloys, which may cause sparks (aluminum, magnesium, titanium, etc.), which is essential for production vzryvapozharoopasnyh.

            The possibility of replacing the filter cartridge repeatedly allows efficient use of "Chance" -E. Included are supplied free samples and films for education and training of personnel.

Четвертьмаска                            Half mask

Instructions for use:

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