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Inventory life

Rescue Equipment

Fire rope(AMS-30/50) are designed to provide rescue operations in fire-fighting and emergency response indoors and outdoors at ambient temperatures from -40 ° C to + 50 ° C. With a diameter of 11mm breaking load of 1500kgs. The rope is composed of polyamide braided cord, thimbles and metal liners.

Set of rescue equipment (KCC)for Rescue (samospasaniya) people from a height of emergency indoors and outdoors at ambient temperature -40 ° Cto + 50 ° C and a relative humidity of 98%. KCC provides a controlled descent down a rope. Controlling the speed of descent is carried expense of changing the compression force in the hand lever braking device. In strengthening the compression rate increases, when you release the lever stops the.

"Slip-Tow»is designed for work on vertical operations special forces, landing a helicopter, regulatory and training work for shares evacuation firefighters and other special units. It contains a working rope and rappel device enabling auto-stop and release both hands, as well as an autonomous system for the rescue of the victim with the ability to control the speed of descent from the ground. Height descent - up to 30 m (over - on request). The spring 5 kg.

Automatic rescue device "Bars»is designed for emergency evacuation (weighing up to 120kg) of buildings and other high-rise buildings (up to 150m) in an emergency situation when other ways of salvation possible. To use it, do not require special training and skills. It does not require any adjustment - regardless of the weight of the person maintains a constant descent speed of 1.0 m / s. Time to bring the device to alert no more than 60 seconds. Set weight (depending on the length of the cable) - from 4 to 10 kg.

Ladder Mounted Rescue (LNS)allows emergency descent people from the window (balconies, loggias) building on the ground floor or on downstream in the event of an emergency. Rope ladders designed for the evacuation of people from buildings in emergency and emergency situations. Made in length from 5 to 19 meters. Permissible load-320kg. Breaking strength -  820 kg.

Fire escape staircases (staircase-stick assault ladder, three-section ladder)designed to lift to the upper floors of buildings, as well as for the salvation of people.

Types of rechargeable lanterns on sale

  • OPC-3;
  • FOS-4;
  • FBS-4;
  • PAH-3P germ.v obrezin.korpuse;
  • PAH-3T germ.turistsky;
  • FAS-1 LED;
  • Focus 820 with a charge. from the 220V;
  • FS-1 LED with zar.ustroystvom 220V;
  • FS-HA svetod.nalobny.

Catalog lantern battery

Firefighters rechargeable flashlights
Model Price, rub.
FOS-3 2920
FAG-3R sealed in rubber armored housing
FAG-3T sealed tourist
Focus 820 with the charger from the mains 220V
FS-1 LED with the charger from the mains 220V
FS-GA LED headlamp