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Services provided by our company

         Brandis Group provides a full range of services in the field of fire safety!

         We provide:

  • a guarantee of quality services and products;
  • free advice on fire safety of the object;
  • After-sales service: MOT and recharge any fire extinguishers.
  • training opportunities and training for your company in the Learning Center SC "Brandis."
  • Delivery and installation of your chosen products.

         Call 8 (4012) 77-77-00 and our experts will advise you.

         The main directions:

  • gas fire suppression;
  • water extinguishing;
  • Fire alarm, warning and extinguishing powder;
  • aerosol fire extinguishing systems;
  • Maintenance and testing of fire protection and rescue equipment;
  • Fire-metal and wooden structures;
  • fire barriers (doors, hatches, doors, curtains);
  • manufacture and installation of metal ladders (escape routes), guard rails and other welded metal structures (fences, grilles, railings);
  • design;
  • Maintenance, sale, charge of extinguishers;
  • electrical insulation resistance measurements;
  • tube-furnace operation; device, repair, inspection and cleaning of chimneys, flues, air ducts;
  • calculation category fire site;
  • training in fire safety measures with the issuance of certificates;
  • skills development organizations operating in the field of fire safety;
  • conducting training programs for fire-technical minimum;
  • calculation category explosion hazard;
  • the calculation of fire risks;
  • the development of evacuation plans;
  • vermin; Professional protection against insects and rodents;